President Eisgruber highlights potential power of research and partnerships in annual letter to campus community

Thursday, Feb 3, 2022

Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber sent his annual State of the University letter to faculty, students and staff on Thursday, Feb. 3, honoring the Princeton community's resilience and looking ahead to new dimensions for the University's mission and impact. Among the wide-ranging topics he discussed were the University's "audacious bets on human talent"; commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as it expands faculty and the student body; and the expansion and development of the University campus, including of the new Lake Campus and its space for innovation.

"Are there research images that we might launch - on our own, with existing partners, or with new partners - that might produce path-breaking innovations or profound scholarship?" -Christopher L. Eisgruber in his State of the University Letter 2022

Eisgruber also highlighted the recently-announced changes to graduate student support. Princeton’s graduate stipends in all fields will increase by an average of 25 percent next year, the largest single-year increase to graduate stipend rates in the University’s history. In addition to increasing stipend rates, Princeton has eliminated the practice of charging partial graduate tuitions to sponsored research grants. This change increases the per-dollar impact of government grants at Princeton and thereby leverages critical partnerships with funding agencies. 

President Eisgruber asserted that "Princeton is the great University that we know today precisely because of its willingness to think deeply at critical moments about how best to understand the core elements of its mission and how to extend them into a changing future."

Notably, he added, "We must ask again whether there are visionary investments that might challenge existing paradigms and deploy Princeton's world-changing capacity for teaching and research in the future. Are there research initiatives that we might launch—on our own, with existing partners such as the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, or with new partners—that might produce path-breaking innovations or profound scholarship? [emphasis added]"

President Eisgruber closed his message with the idea that the University's long-term mission "depends on a persistent spirit of experimentation, innovation, and daring. In this moment of challenge and opportunity, we need to give that spirit full rein as we think not only about the present but the possible dimensions of this University's mission and its promise to make a difference in the world for the better."

Read President Eisgruber's State of the University letter 2022.

If you or your organization would like to explore collaborating with Princeton to pursue "path-breaking innovation or profound scholarship", please contact the Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations team