International collaboration led by Princeton astrophysicist wins first Simons Foundation award for fusion or energy

Monday, Jun 18, 2018

An international collaboration of scientists led by a Princeton University professor of astrophysical sciences has won a major grant from the Simons Foundation to create the framework for an optimal fusion energy device. Valued at $2 million a year for four years, the Simons Foundation Mathematical and Physical Sciences Award marks the first award for fusion or energy that the foundation has made since mathematician Jim Simons and his wife, Marilyn, launched the foundation in New York City in 1994. The foundation funds the frontiers of research in mathematics and basic sciences.

Amitava Bhattacharjee leads the team of collaborators from Princeton, Columbia, Cornell and New York University, and from the University of Colorado-Boulder, the University of Maryland, and the University of Texas at Austin, as well as international participants from the Australian National University, the University of Warwick, the Swiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Germany.