Stories about Princeton research relevant to a corporate and foundation audience.

  • Andlinger Center partners with Worley to work towards net-zero emissions

    Thursday, Jun 10, 2021
    by Molly A. Seltzer

    Worley, a global provider of engineering, procurement and construction services, has joined Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership as a charter member of the corporate membership program of the Andlinger Center, with a desire to help move the world to carbon neutrality through its vision for sustainable projects and operations.

  • Alexander Ploss wins top pitch at BioNJ BioPartnering Conference

    Monday, Jun 7, 2021
    by Wright Seneres, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council | Courtesy of Princeton University

    Presented in concert with J.P. Morgan and Johnson & Johnson Innovation on May 18 and 19, the Conference brought together life sciences professionals from 9 countries and 20 states as well as the District of Columbia and featured nearly 70 company and pitch presentations, hundreds of 1:1 partnering meetings and plenary sessions led by industry leaders and world-renowned research institutions from the region.

  • Report: Federally-funded research at Princeton leads to economic growth, new companies and jobs in New Jersey and beyond

    Friday, Apr 16, 2021
    by Aaron McClendon, Office of Government Affairs

    Two Princeton faculty spinout companies featured for their life-changing innovations and economic benefits

    A new report released this week highlights the role of federally funded research at Princeton and other universities in catalyzing economic growth, creating jobs and fostering innovation in New Jersey and across the country.

  • Research meets the challenge of measuring urban carbon emissions

    Monday, May 17, 2021
    by Morgan Kelly, High Meadows Environmental Institute

    As more people call for action against climate change, more than 500 cities worldwide have established low-carbon and net-zero carbon goals intended to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades.

    But a major challenge to these decarbonization plans is the lack of a consensus on how to measure urban carbon emissions in the first place.

  • Professor emeritus Spergel becomes president of Simons Foundation

    Friday, Jul 9, 2021
    by Jonathan Garaffa

    Former advisee Dalcanton named to succeed Spergel at Flatiron Institute

    David Spergel, emeritus professor of astronomy at Princeton and the former director of the Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) at the Flatiron Institute, became president of the Simons Foundation on July 1. Simons Foundation co-founders Marilyn and Jim Simons selected Spergel for the role in December 2020. The Simons are now co-chairs of the Simons Foundation Board of Directors after stepping down from their day-to-day leadership roles.

  • Study shows how cities can consider race and income in household energy efficiency programs

    Monday, Jun 7, 2021
    by Rachel Nuwer

    Climate change and social inequality are two pressing issues that often overlap. A new study led by Princeton researchers offers a roadmap for cities to address inequalities in energy use by providing fine-grained methods for measuring both income and racial disparities in energy use intensity. Energy use intensity, the amount of energy used per unit floor area, is often used as a proxy for assessing the efficiency of buildings and the upgrades they receive over time.


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