Collaborate In Research

Tree coring, princeton universityPrinceton faculty and students are at the forefront of research that is instrumental to solving critical problems for societal well-being. The key to a successful collaboration is a strong synergy between the core academic and research strengths of the University and the company’s ability and desire to transform new discoveries into real world applications. CEFR facilitates interactions and connects industry and faculty researchers in the following ways:

  • Initiate, coordinate, and manage relationships with companies and foundations that promote the educational, scientific, and scholarly mission of the University
  • Create networking and engagement opportunities to enable, expand, and enrich industry connections on campus
  • Facilitate research collaborations between industry and faculty
  • Cultivate relationships and foster open exchange of ideas between University and foundation leadership
  • Support Fellowships. Graduate students and post-doctoral associates are essential to accelerating discoveries in academic research. Fellowships are synergistic – they provide a way for companies to directly interact with students and learn about their research. Students in turn gain important insight from technology leaders.


CEFR Collaborates with Several Offices and Centers Including: