Connecting Industry Across Campus

Princeton’s Corporate Engagement team works with companies to develop collaborations that accelerate innovation and are mutually beneficial. We facilitate relationships that promote the educational, scientific, and scholarly mission of the University.  We help companies explore the considerable engagement opportunities with faculty and students at Princeton.

  • Collaborate in Research
  • Support Fellowships
  • Hire a Tiger
  • Increase Company Visibility & Participation
  • Innovate with Technology
  • Promote Entrepreneurship
  • Join a Corporate Affiliate Program
  • Use our Core Facilities
  • Support Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Collaborate in Research

Princeton faculty and students are at the forefront of research that is instrumental to solving critical problems for societal well-being. The key to a successful collaboration is a strong synergy between the core academic and research strengths of the University and the company’s ability and desire to transform new discoveries into real world applications. CEFR facilitates interactions and connects industry and faculty researchers.

Support Fellowships

Graduate students and post-doctoral associates are essential to accelerating discoveries in academic research. Fellowships are synergistic – they provide a way for companies to directly interact with students and learn about their research. Students in turn gain important insight from technology leaders.

Hire a Tiger

The next generation of leaders are students at Princeton today. Princeton Career Services helps companies connect with students for internships and full-time employment.

Increase Company Visibility and Participation

Companies can sponsor award programs, competitions, art performances, and sporting events that can serve to increase company visibility and brand awareness in the Princeton community. Get involved with the University by serving on an advisory board or participating in conferences, semi­nars, symposia, or lecture series.

Innovate with Technology

Princeton’s Office of Technology Licensing helps companies bring innovations from fundamental research to the world through licensing and technology transfers. In 2015, Princeton had 117 invention disclosures, 191 patents filed with 31 patents issued, and 29 technolo­gies licensed.

Promote Entrepreneurship

The Princeton Entrepreneurship Council is the advisory and coordination body for entrepreneurship on campus. Entrepreneurship is becoming integral to Princeton’s teaching and research mission. There are several different hubs for entrepreneurship and innovation on campus – including the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education and the Pace Center for Civic Engagement. Through these centers there is a rich range of educational programming and other on-campus entrepreneurial activities in which corporate partners can be involved, from mentorship to providing internships to students.  

Corporate Affiliates Programs

Corporate Affiliates programs support research in departments and multi-disciplinary research centers. Affiliates can inter­act with faculty and students around ground-breaking research in its early stages and contribute to advancing the science needed to solve critical problems facing society. Each program has its own membership fees and benefits.

Access Core Facilities

Princeton University offers numerous top-of-the-line scientific research facilities that welcome external users. Each facility has its own fee structure and participation requirements. Users must demonstrate familiarity with the specialized equipment before independent use is allowed; however, training by staff members is available.

Support Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Support your company’s corporate responsibility initiatives and philan­thropic goals, as well as Princeton’s, through strategic giving.


    Lynn Loo Princeton University; Eric Herbolzheimer ExxonMobil

    Left to right: Eric Herbolzheimer, former section head of engineering physics and senior scientific advisor at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, and Lynn Loo, director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University. (Photograph credit: ExxonMobil)

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