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Princeton University Corporate Engagement Team

Princeton University Corporate Engagement Team. L-R, Chip Hay; Spencer Reynolds; Coleen Burrus, Director; Tracy Meyer; Dean R. Edelman. (Photo credit: David Kelly Crow)

Princeton’s Corporate Engagement team works with industry to develop research collaborations that accelerate innovation and are mutually beneficial to the University and the company. We facilitate relationships across campus that promote the educational, scientific, and scholarly mission of the University.  And we help companies explore the considerable engagement opportunities with faculty and students at Princeton.


    • Connecting Industry Across Campus

      Let’s open the gates to innovation together. Contact the Corporate Engagement team to learn how your business can work with Princeton research.

    • Partnership Stories

      CEFR is committed to building strong and significant relationships between Princeton and its partners.
    • Research With Princeton Database, a public, searchable database, helps prospective collaborators discover relevant research at Princeton University.

    Industry Collaboration News