Resources for Grant Applications

Grant Management Assistance

Information on award monitoring can be found here:

Information on Sponsored Research Accounting can be found here:

Online Tools

Although there is no single database that provides comprehensive information about all grant-providing organizations, the Princeton University community has access to several online tools. Pivot provides a user-friendly, web-based system to aid faculty, staff, and students in matching research interests to potential external funding sources and in promoting collaborations with colleagues. The Foundation Center  compiles an extensive list of opportunities that may be searched by members of the Princeton community using the Foundation Directory Online from on-campus computers.

University-Industry Demonstration Partnership Provides Resources for Faculty

As a member of UIDP, all Princeton faculty and staff have access to UIDP publications and webinars at  Please use your Princeton e-mail address to register.  Two of the publications that are the most relevant to researchers are:

Researcher Guidebook + Quick Guide A practical handbook and quick guide to help active industrial and institutional researchers work together more effectively.

Researcher Collaborative Visits An overview of benefits, challenges and issues to address in order to provide value to both parties engaged with researcher collaborative visits.

For More Information on Funding for Research, Please Visit:

Audited Financial Statement

The Office of the Controller has overall University responsibilities for financial reporting, sponsored research accounting, debt management, and tax. This Auditor prepares the University’s annual audited financial statements, manage the independent auditor relationship, maintain the integrity of the general ledger, and assist departments with their internal financial statements.  You can view Audited Financial Statements by clicking here

General Information About Princeton

The annual “Princeton Profile” is a very useful publication with general information about the University.  You can find an overview about Princeton here:

Information on the Board of Trustees, Its Composition, Responsibilities, etc. Can Be Found at: