Funding Resources for Faculty

An initial step in obtaining research and special project funding is to identify appropriate sponsors and opportunities. CEFR can assist faculty in the identification of funding opportunities and provide advice on fundraising from multiple sources including:

Corporate Collaborations

Researchers who are interested in exploring and developing relationships and collaborations with industry are encouraged to contact the Corporate Engagement team. We have ongoing relationships with numerous companies across industry sectors, and can initiative, facilitate, and coordinate interactions with corporate representatives.

In an effort to stimulate collaboration between academic research institutions and industry, the National Science Foundation offers Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI).


Foundations support research endeavors across the intellectual spectrum. Through ongoing managed relationships with foundations and an in-depth knowledge of their guidelines and mission, the Foundation Relations team can match projects with foundation funding opportunities.

Limited Submission and Open Call RFPs

Funding may be obtained in response to published requests for proposals, as well as limited submission and invitation-only opportunities. CEFR curates and disseminates corporate and foundation funding opportunities to the University research community and offers assistance with submission of proposals. Limited submission applications are coordinated with the Dean of the Faculty. RFPs from government are disseminated by the Office of Research and Project Administration. Please let us know if you want to receive RFP announcements.  For more information on Limited Submission RFPs, please contact Michael Hodges.  For more information on Open Call RFPs, please contact Rajiv Hota.


Princeton’s Office of Development raises funds from individuals for programs and areas of study that have been identified as most crucial to keeping the University at the forefront of teaching, research, and discovery. CEFR and Development teams coordinate activities and share information regarding faculty who are seeking research funding. Tom Roddenbery in the Development Office works closely with CEFR on research funding proposals.

Federal Funding

Faculty work with the Office of Research and Project Administration to apply for federal funding.  Grants from government agencies comprise the lion’s share of sponsored research funding at Princeton.  Opportunities for all discretionary federal grants offered by the 26 grant-making agencies may be searched through

Innovation Funds

The Office of the Dean for Research administers funding opportunities to support the University’s thriving research community in ways that complement and supplement traditional funding sources. CEFR manages the application process for the Innovation Fund for Industrial Collaborations. We can also provide information on the other Innovation Funds.


Princeton University has partnered with Benefunder to develop a new funding channel to promote new ideas and advance research and innovation.  For more information, please contact Rajiv Hota.

Online Tools

Although there is no single database that provides comprehensive information about all grant-providing organizations, the Princeton University community has access to several online tools. Pivot provides a user-friendly, web-based system to aid faculty, staff, and students in matching research interests to potential external funding sources and in promoting collaborations with colleagues. The Foundation Center compiles an extensive list of opportunities that may be searched by members of the Princeton community using the Foundation Directory Online from on-campus computers.

Princeton University

Please contact the Foundation Relations team for assistance in working with foundations, or the Corporate Engagement team for help in connecting with industry partners.

For information on Limited Submission and Open Call RFPs, please contact Michael Hodges.

For information on Benefunder, please contact Rajiv Hota.



































Photo Credit: Denise Applewhite