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During the past century, partnerships between foundations and academia have proved to be beneficial to society in a wide variety of ways. Princeton is proud of its long-standing and successful relationships with foundations, which have provided an important platform for the exchange of ideas that have made a positive impact on the world. Many of the advances achieved by our faculty and researchers in the sciences, technology, social sciences, and the arts and humanities are the direct result of partnerships with foundations, as are many other innovative programs and activities here at the University.

The Foundation Relations team cultivates and develops relationships with foundations that have missions, objectives, and interest areas that align with Princeton's scholarly and research endeavors. Our goal is to help the University make vital contributions to the nation and the world, in ways that fulfill a foundation’s strategic priorities. We welcome the opportunity to share the transformational and innovative projects and programs being conducted at Princeton.


Contact Us

Please contact the Foundation Relations team to collaborate with Princeton.

Administrative Contacts

  • For policies, please contact Coleen Burrus.
  • For award acknowledgement, reporting, or stewardship, please contact Jill Jahn.
  • For award or payment processing, please contact Jessica Pilotti
  • Instructions for payments via wire and check are found here.
  • For research and analysis, please contact Rajiv Hota.