Samsung 2019 Global Research Outreach

Tue, Jun 25, 2019, 8:00 pm


Samsung offers a specific collaboration platform to global universities, the Global Research Outreach (GRO) program. The GRO program is an annual call for proposals that invites the world's leading universities to propose innovative research ideas which will be evaluated for their novelty and alignment with Samsung's various research fields.

Fields of Research:

The 2019 GRO Program is seeking proposals in 12 research themes. Sub themes are listed in the attached 2019 GRO Proposal Guide and Format document (also available on the GRO website).

  • Machine Intelligence
  • Homomorphic Encryption
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Autonomous Materials Development
  • Metaphotonics
  • Functional Oxide
  • Next-Gen Computing
  • Air Pollution Remediation
  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Ab Initio Reliability Simulation
  • Spintronics Materials & Devices
  • Halide Perovskite Materials


  • Applicants must be a university professor or researcher.
  • Applicant’s university should accept GRO Research Agreement (RA) as part of the proposal submission process. Initial acceptance by the applicant's university is accomplished through submission of GRO RA Acceptance Letter without any modifications. If the university would like to review GRO RA before submission, detailed GRO RA could be sent via email upon request of authorized official of the university.

FAQs are posted online here. Any additional questions can be emailed to


Variable. Selected GRO projects will be funded for one year. A project may be extended for up to three years, based on annual research outcomes and necessity for further research partnership determined by Samsung.


  • Applicants have to submit a research proposal and signed RA acceptance letter. See attached sample reference documents - Proposal Guide and Signed GRO Acceptance Letter (GRO RA is available upon request).
  • All documents are only accepted via the GRO submission website prior to the deadline. After the deadline, the applicants will not be able to submit, amend or modify proposals.

Samsung Technology Board members will review all the submitted proposals in accordance with GRO evaluation criteria listed below.

  • The innovativeness of the research.
  • The potential societal and/or business impact expected from the development, dissemination and use of project results.
  • The feasibility of the research with respect to the planned time, objectives, intended results and resources available.
  • The research competencies of the principal investigator in relevant field(s).

NOTE: Process/budget questions which arise should be directed to ORPA and the proposal should be routed following the standard Princeton  proposal process (Coeus, etc.)

Due Date:

Submission deadline is 8 p.m. ET on June 24, 2019 (9 a.m. Korea Standard Time on June 25, 2019)

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