Princeton Catalysis Initiative Symposium 2021

The Princeton Catalysis Initiative (PCI) Symposium 2021 will feature enlivening, eight-minute flash talks by Princeton University faculty keen to share their research in order to create new synergies. More than 20 faculty members from eight departments across campus will present at the symposium.

The symposium will take place on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in Taylor Auditorium at the Frick Chemistry Laboratory, Princeton University.

PCI was founded in 2017 by a core group of faculty from the Department of Chemistry who wanted to catalyze new research by introducing campus researchers to options for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Today, PCI is on track to support 600 collaborations across 10 years with $75M in committed funding. The annual symposium is the Initiative’s marquee event.

If you are an industry, government, or association representative interested in further information about the PCI and the PCI symposium, please contact Dean Edelman.

For more information on both the symposium and PCI, visit the Initiative’s new website:

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