Cisco RFP for Secure and Private Internet of Things

This new Cisco RFP with a rolling deadline (an applicant can submit at any time) requests researchers to propose innovative approaches to address issues like those listed below (but not necessarily limited to these):

  • End-to-end architectures that are massively scalable, secure and privacy-preserving from the ground up
  • Development of new IoT hardware platforms, operating systems, services, application development framework and networking technologies
  • Edge computing for processing data at the edge of the network
  • End-to-End homogeneous architectures leveraging new paradigms
  • Development of security application taking into consideration its behavior when errors and exception are encountered
  • Techniques that convert the massive amount of data collected from IoT devices into usable knowledge
  • Define new cryptographic computational models and security mechanisms for IoT devices to be secure for decades or more
  • Design of ultra-low power micro controllers with integrated security, providing encryption and anonymity, and better able to evolve and adapt to changing security needs
  • Well-governed supply chain, traceable hardware and software, defensible products, trustworthiness, resilience, transparency, and agile response to incidents
  • Technical or economic analysis of any of the above proposed approaches by others.