Princeton can help you crowdfund for your research or project

In 2016, Princeton decided to provide an easy, no-fee crowdfunding platform for University research projects and programs. Since then, three Princeton campaigns have demonstrated how fast and effective this form of fundraising can be if you have the right project and the right crowd.

Crowdfunding Successes to Date

After setting out to raise $10,000, the Prison Teaching Initiative exceeded their goal in the first day their campaign was live; they then went on to quickly raise a total of $27,000. Princeton's Engineers Without Borders first set out to raise $10,000 in Spring 2017 and was pleased to raise $12,515. Returning to the program again in 2018, they set their goal at $15,000 and raised $16,311 from 91 donors.

Because the University pays all fees associated with the crowdfunding platform, 100 percent of the funds raised went to the programs. 

Consider Crowdfunding for Your Program

The Office of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations administers the University's platform for research and program crowdfunding. With almost two years of experience, we have updated our page on Crowdfunding with advice and resources to help you decide whether this form of fundraising will work for you.

But you can also start by just reaching out to us. Rajiv Hota 609-258-9837 would be happy to talk to you about the process and issues to consider.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Princeton can help you crowdfund for your research or project

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