Limited Submission RFPs

Guidelines for Limited Submission RFPs

When a sponsoring program announcement limits the number of submissions per institution, the University undertakes a selection process to solicit proposals internally and select the best proposal(s) for submission in response to that particular announcement. When the office of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations learns of a limited submission opportunity, the opportunity is posted to the CEFR website and an email is sent to the relevant department chairs, deans, institute directors, departmental managers, departmental grant managers and ORPA requesting submissions from those interested in applying.  The internal submission is composed of:

  • A letter of nomination from the appropriate chair, dean, or director
  • The PI’s curriculum vita
  • The proposal narrative
  • A statement of current support for that PI

Internal nominations are reviewed by a committee of the faculty and the Dean of Faculty.  The University nominees are then selected and notified. All individuals submitting nomination packets are notified whether or not their project was selected to advance to the proposal stage. 

The nominee(s), then work with their department and grant managers, ORPA and CEFR to make sure that the external submission documents are complete and delivered on time.

If at any point you become aware of a limited submission opportunity for which you would like to apply, please contact Michael Hodges